Balenciaga's Lego shoe (right) & Steve Madden's version (left)

Balenciaga’s Lego shoe (right) & Steve Madden’s version (left)

On the heels of the trade dress lawsuit that British design house Alexander McQueen filed against U.S. footwear giant Steve Madden, alleging that Madden’s Seryna bootie was a “studied imitation” of McQueen’s Faithful bootie, Balenciaga slapped Madden with a very similar lawsuit. The shoes in question: the Lego shoe from Balenciaga’s Fall 2007 collection, which rose to fame after Beyoncé wore them to the American Music Awards in 2007. Balenciaga’s lawyers claimed that Madden “intentionally copied” the $4,175 shoe and sold it for about $100.

Now, nearly two years later, the two parties have settled their dispute, with Madden paying Balenciaga an “undisclosed amount.” U.S. District Judge John Gleeson on Monday approved a stipulation for dismissal filed on Friday that announced the shoe companies had reached a negotiated settlement in the trade dress dispute, in which the Parisian fashion house accused Steve Madden of selling a set of pumps based on the Lego design.

Madden’s thoughts on the lawsuit: “They did a multicolored shoe and we did it. It was stupid.”