Beyonce, Kanye West, Pharrell, Rihanna and Jay Z (and their respective holding companies) have settled the lawsuit they filed against Paris-based brand, ElevenParis, for using their names and images on a variety of garments and accessories – such as cell phone covers and backpacks – without their permission. On the heels of the October 2015 suit, which accused ElevenParis of “brazenly” infringing their trademark rights and copyrighted song lyrics, violating their publicity rights, engaging in unfair competition, and well, about 55 or so other violations, the parties have settled the matter out of court.

The terms of the resolution have not been disclosed, but according to sources, the legal matter has been “amicably” resolved. While the monetary sum that ElevenParis had to inevitably pay up to the defendants for infringing their intellectual property rights, we can be sure that ElevenParis will be immediately and permanently stopped from manufacturing and selling “Kanye is my Homie” tees and other infringing garments and accessories.