image: Bruce Weber

image: Bruce Weber

Following from the explosive lawsuit that model Jason Boyce filed early this month, citing sexual harassment, Bruce Weber has denied all of the allegations and asked the New York state court to dismiss the suit in its entirety, one and for all. The famed photographer, who is being represented by Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP – the same firm that is representing Forever 21 in its fight against Gucci – filed his answer (the legal term for his formal response) in connection with to Boyce’s complaint, saying that he “denies [Boyce’s] allegations in the strongest of terms. They are false.”

Weber’s answer goes on to state: “With the support and encouragement of irresponsible counsel, plaintiff and his counsel conducted a defamatory press conference that spread plaintiff’s false and unproven allegations against Mr. Weber around the world, without any regard for any form of due process, let alone fundamental facts or fairness.”

Still yet, the answer posits, “This case is already a travesty of justice. Defendants will prevail, but how does Mr. Weber get his reputation back?”

Not only does Weber want the court to toss out Boyce’s complaint, he is demanding that Boyce foot the bill for the case thus far, including attorneys’ fees “to the maximum extent allowed by law.”

Boyce filed suit on December 1, alleging that he suffered “mental anguish and humiliation, as well as adverse employment consequences, including loss of future wages, professional opportunities and other valuable benefits and emoluments of employment” as a result of, among other things, Weber forcing him to rub his own genitals and his agent, Jason Kanner, who started New York-based Soul Artist Management, knowingly helping to facilitate such harassment.