This just in: Chanel has announced that it will stage its 2017 cruise collection in Havana. Per Harper’s Bazaar, the Paris-based brand is headed to Cuba this upcoming May. The exact date of the show: May 3rd. According to a release from Chanel, the “cultural richness and opening up of Cuba” has long served as a source of inspiration for creative director Karl Lagerfeld, who has staged pre-season collections in the U.S., Venice, Singapore, Dubai, Seoul, and Austria, just to name a few locales.

Cuba, however, is certainly a first for the fashion industry, considering that Cuba was nearly inaccessible to the average traveler for more than fifty years. In fact, it was only this past July that the U.S. and Cuba reopened embassies in each other’s capitals and restored full diplomatic ties, as well as lifted travel restrictions.

In other news, United Nations General Assembly has almost unanimously voted to condemn the U.S. embargo on Cuba today, in the first such resolution since US-Cuban diplomatic ties were restored earlier this year. The motion won more support than it has done in the past, with 191 members of the 193-member body voting in its favor. Only the US and Israel opposed the resolution, which is non-binding.