There has been an update in the Kardashian Khroma-fueled lawsuit between Chroma Makeup Studio and Lee Tillett, the owner of the federally registered Kroma trademark. After Los Angeles-based makeup studio owner, Michael Rey, filed suit against makeup company, Kroma, last week in the Central District of California, he (via Peter Ross and Jonathan Gottfried of Browne George Ross, LLP) has filed to dismiss the initial suit and subsequently filed a new one.

According to the court’s docket, Chroma Makeup Studio filed a trademark infringement suit against “By Lee Tillet Inc” on Friday, which was followed by a voluntary dismissal filing on Monday. Also on Monday, Chroma Makeup Studio filed suit on the same grounds (trademark infringement) but this time against “By Lee Tillett Inc.” The only difference between the two suits: the spelling of the word “Tillett.”

According to the lawsuit that is still in existence, the parties have been ordered to participate in a Court-Directed Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program in lieu of a regular trial. This basically means that a third party mediator will assist the parties in negotiating a settlement. More to come … maybe.