The Fashion Law Exclusive – Coach has won yet another big lawsuit in its fight against counterfeits. The Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed a $5 million damages award against Frederick Goodfellow, a Memphis, Tennessee-based flea market owner. According to the court’s ruling on Monday, Goodfellow knew that counterfeit Coach goods were being sold at his site, making him liable for contributory trademark infringement.

Coach brought suit against Goodfellow in 2010, in the Western District of Tennessee, after Coach learned of the sale of fake bags and other accessories bearing its trademark and notified him about it. According to court documents, Goodfellow claims he told the flea market vendors that the sale of counterfeits was prohibited, but knew that they continued to offer them for sale anyway. In 2011, Goodfellow was found guilty of contributory trademark infringement and was fined $5 million, and as of Monday, the Sixth Circuit court, upheld the lower court’s ruling. This win joins a list of several big wins by Coach over the past couple of years.