The Fashion Law EXCLUSIVE – The overwhelming response to Hedi Slimane’s latest collection for Saint Laurent: It is an undeniable ode to Courtney and Kurt and the grunge look they perfected in the 1990’s. So, amidst all of the love-hate reviews, we went to the source for an expert opinion on the collection. No, not Hedi, but Courtney Love Cobain, herself. The singer, much like the majority of people who have seen the collection, has strong feelings about it. Of the Fall 2013 wares, she told us yesterday: “The girl in the brown coat says it all. I love it. It reminds me of Value Village. Real grunge. I love that rich ladies are going to pay a fortune to look like we used to look when we had nothing.”

The singer goes on to compare Slimane’s take on grunge to that of Marc Jacobs (who showed his rendition of grunge on the Perry Ellis runway in 1992) and Anna Sui (who showed grunge for Spring 1993): “Hedi is a genius. No offense to MJ but he never got it right. This is what it really was. Hedi knows his shit. He got it accurate, and MJ and Anna did not.” Love’s only qualms about the collection: “There’s no bloody gowns. I guess I have to wear Pre-Fall.” Well, there you have it – the collection has Love’s approval. Our only question: When can we expect a Courtney Love for Saint Laurent campaign?!