1. Should There Be a Higher Bar to Call Products ‘Sustainable’? As the FTC updates its guidance on green marketing, some advocates are pushing it to provide clarity on commonly used (and abused) terms. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. RETRO READ: The Problem with “Sustainability”? It Doesn’t Really Mean Anything. Terms like “sustainability,” “green,” “eco-friendly,” “ethical,” “responsibly-made,” and in many cases, even “upcycled” – lack concrete, uniform definitions with foundations in law that brands and consumers can observe. – Read More on TFL

3. How the Nike vs Adidas rivalry has found a new battleground – high fashion: There is “huge customer appetite” for such collaborations, not least as an entry point for fashionistas into the world of sneakers. – Read More on SCMP

4. The future of leather: How pineapple leaves, cacti and mycelium are revolutionizing the industry. With its versatility and low environmental impact, companies – like Mycoworks, which debuted their mycelium-based leather in the world of high fashion as a Hermès Victoria bag – are jumping at the opportunity to grow products with mycelium. – Read More on WeForum

5. E-commerce hasn’t killed physical retail. It’s made it more important than ever. The rising costs of digital marketing and over-saturation of DTC brands can significantly reduce gains made by saving on the overhead of a physical space. – Read More on Fast Co.