1. Metaverse Mania Cools for Many, but Not for Marketers: Many marketers build their metaverse campaigns largely to raise awareness or improve consumer perceptions of their brands. Few, if any, currently make a profit from the sale of virtual goods, and they will find greater short-term value in using such campaigns to collect data on consumers. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Generative AI Has an Intellectual Property Problem: To protect themselves from these risks, companies that use generative AI need to ensure that they are in compliance with the law and take steps to mitigate potential risks, such as ensuring they use training data free from unlicensed content and developing ways to show provenance of generated content. – Read More on HBR

3. While no one would mistake “Harry Potter by Balenciaga” for real footage—except, perhaps, as a real fashion-advertising campaign—another A.I.-generated image – one of the Pope in a puffer – recently made news headlines because so many thought it was real. – Read More on the New Yorker

4. Gucci Is Now at a Critical Juncture. Here’s What Luxury Brands Can Learn: While previous generations of luxury clients were easier to convince, Gen Zers are the toughest target group to reach. They trust people more than brands, and whey are very cognizant of their own personal values. – Read More on Jing

Indigenous groups in NZ, US fear colonization as AI learns their languages: “If Indigenous peoples don’t have sovereignty of their own data, they will simply be re-colonized in this information society.” – Read More on Reuters

5. TikTok Ban Threat Scares Off US Merchants:  U.S. merchants are both more interested in expanding their brick-and-mortar operations and concerned that the government could ban TikTok, and with it, the platform’s burgeoning TikTok Shop feature. – Read More on PYMNTS

6. Little activity for big globally announced M&A deals in Q1 2023: The first quarter finished with three pending globally announced M&A deals, each with a value of at least $10 billion, after two such transactions were announced in March. – Read More on S&P Global