Image: TRR

1. Rethinking Resale: Secondhand Retailers Are Actively Seeking Branded Partners: Whether you call it resale, reCommerce, circular economy, secondhand or some other euphemism, there’s one thing everyone can agree on in this category, and that is that it’s hot right now. – Read More on PYMNTS

2. Meta to start testing money-making tools for its metaverse: Facebook owner Meta Platforms is beginning to test commerce tools for selling digital assets within its virtual reality social platform Horizon Worlds, a key piece of its plan to build out the metaverse. – Read More on Reuters

3. Fashion Can’t Turn a Blind Eye to the Latest IPCC Report: Fashion’s greenhouse gas emissions are actually set to rise to around 2.7 billion tons a year by 2030 if no further measures are taken. – Read More on British Vogue

4. The Metaverse Could Radically Reshape Fashion: Digital designs are not yet big earners compared to physical clothing, but the fashion world certainly sees the metaverse as a potentially lucrative new market. – Read More on Wired

5. Shopify is betting on creators to fuel its next phase of growth: Shopify announced one of its biggest investments in the creator space to date. It has acquired Dovetale, a software startup that helps brands manage their influencer marketing programs. – Read More on Modern Retail