1. The $500 billion beauty industry’s ‘green’ ambitions are falling short: Companies often use marketing language like “clean beauty” to make it seem like their products are natural, for example, when they may not actually be organic, sustainable or ethically made. – Read More on CNN

2. Joint ventures, IP and the siren song of joint ownership: The importance of intellectual property protection is heightened, and the consequences of failures in this regard magnified, in the context of external growth strategies. – Read More on Reuters

3. For Apple, India Is the Next China: India and China are quite similar in their demographics and even in their potential buying power, at least in large cities—and that India can show large numbers for Apple with some effort.  – Read More on the WSJ

4. How Jordan launched nerdy Nike into the stratosphere: The shoes are so ubiquitous in US pop culture that Jordans could be placed in a bracket alongside American design classics such as the Model T Ford. – Read More on the Guardian

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6. Barry Diller Thinks Publishers Should Sue Over Generative AI: Media outlets should take a stand and say, “you cannot scrape our content,” the mogul said at the Semafor Media Summit on Monday night. – Read More on THR