Image: Farfetch

1. European cosmetics makers face supply crisis amid scarcity of Ukraine resources: Like the food industry, the $500 billion global cosmetics sector is grappling with fallout from the war because producers use alcohol derived from grains and organic beets to make perfumes, and sunflower-seed oils to make cosmetics – all key crops from Ukraine. – Read More on Reuters

2. Will Farfetch Take the Lead in Online Luxury E-commerce? Globally, online channels ballooned to an estimated €62 billion in market value in 2021, up 27% from the year prior. In China, digital sales of personal luxury goods outpaced physical sales across all categories, increasing almost 56%. – Read More on Jing

3. Goodbye, minimalism: How Gen Z is reshaping retail product design: The typeface of the moment is “expressive,” “flashy,” and “anything with super high contrast, really tight spacing, weird proportions, or flowy 70s psychedelic shapes.” – Read More on Morning Brew

4. Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will test selling virtual goods in the metaverse: “The ability to sell virtual items and access to things inside the worlds is a new part of [the] e-commerce equation overall,” Zuckerberg said. “We’re starting rolling this out with just a handful of creators.” – Read More on CNBC

5. We Need Better Carbon Accounting. Here’s How to Get There: To address this shortcoming, they introduced an E-liability accounting system, based on well-established practices from inventory and cost accounting, for accurately measuring GHG emissions across corporate supply-chains. – Read More on HBR