Image: Cartier

1. Cartier CEO Sees Luxury Demand Withstanding Rising Prices: Cartier plans to raise prices in the next several weeks, making it the latest luxury brand to bet its customers are willing to spend more for their high-end watches, jewelry and accessories. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Paris, New York, London… Decentraland? How the metaverse became fashion’s new home: “There was a dip in consumption of big luxury brands among Gen Z. The metaverse and Web3 could open up this opportunity of how they can now relate to, and reconnect with, this young generation.” – Read More on the National

3. Spending More, Getting Less as Inflation Outpaces Retail Sales: This raises the broader question of what will happen in the months ahead if pandemic strains continue to ease. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Rent the Runway CEO sees inflation as a competitive advantage for the company: Hyman said RTR’s business correlates closely with how much consumers are spending on experiences, rather than things. So as people are traveling more, taking Uber rides around town and booking reservations at restaurants, RTR sees an uptick in users, she said. – Read More on CNBC

5. Push to reshore US manufacturing challenged by reliance on global supply chain: A tariff war, COVID-19 and now Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have all strained once bullet-proof global supply chains, with delays and shortages hitting U.S. corporate revenues and helping drive inflation to its highest levels in decades. – Read More on S&P Global