1. The World Is Volatile but Luxury Brands Look Serene: People who spent up to €1k on designer goods in 2019 slashed their budgets in half in 2022. Meanwhile, spending at the top is booming. A wealthy shopper who shelled out around €50k in designer shops in 2019 spent €135k in 2022. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Luxury watchmakers are adapting to attract tech-savvy Gen Zs and millennials: From virtual try-on Cartier timepieces on Snapchat and selfie-inspired Hermès designs to bitcoin sales and the Apple Watch. – Read More on SCMP

3. Enforcing patents against foreign infringers of patented processes: This little-used statute allows patentees to target foreign producers, downstream importers and sellers, and others that benefit from products made from patented processes. – Read More on Reuters

4. How Timberland, Vans, VF Corp. are making sure their cotton isn’t “greenwashed.” With support for VF Corp., the Smallholder Farmers Alliance worked with Terra Genesis and the Data Economics Company to create a farm data tracking service to verify regenerative cotton crops. – Read More on CNBC

5. Nordstrom Walks Back on Luxury and Leans Into Deep Discounts: The move is an interesting one as the retailer is known for its high-end products and customer service, which were bolstered by its investments in tools and technologies like virtual style boards and online styling appointments. – Read More on PYMNTS

6. ICYMI: Who Owns SpongeBob? AI Shakes Hollywood’s Creative Foundation. Fast-evolving generative AI tools have thrown a wrench into the system by harnessing and transforming a digital universe that often includes copyrighted work. – Read More on the WSJ