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1. Luxury’s Hefty Price Tag Awaits Earnings Reckoning: As Europe kicks off one of the most uncertain earnings seasons in a long time, market players are hoping for clues on the extent of the damage from the pandemic. So far, no luxury stock has severely de-rated and a number of them appear “more expensive today than last autumn.” – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Get ready for the TikTok influencer beauty brand wave: TikTok engagement is especially high right now among the Gen Z audience stuck at home and bored. So, a newly launched beauty line Gloss Twins created by TikTok “twinfluencers” Shanae and Renae Nel, who have 1.2 million followers on their shared account, is offering them a lip gloss is set at an affordable $11.88. – Read More on Glossy

3. RETRO READ: Is TikTok the Next Big Beauty Space? TikTok’s greatest virtue is its accessibility: it’s full of DIY makeup tips, dupes, and how-to vids. Can’t afford Fenty’s Body Lava? Just mix baby oil with a crushed up highlighter. Don’t want to shell out for Glossier’s Cloud Paint? There’s a hack for that too. – Read More on W Mag

4. Will Extravagant Fashion Shows Ever Happen Again? “We knew already that we were getting too big. I can’t imagine having a fashion show with 1,500 people all gathered together. Do we need to simplify a way of communicating these ideas?” – Read More on the Cut

5. Why Coronavirus Will Dramatically Change The Retail Supply Chain, and How: No other country matches the current manufacturing dominance of China, nor do any yet have the established infrastructure to support such a huge business. Retailers were already seeking options outside of China to produce apparel, and COVID-19 will only increase that. – Read More on Forbes

6. Amazon continues to gain share in apparel: More than 70% of apparel shoppers bought clothing or footwear on Amazon in the past 12 months, up 10 percentage points from last year and almost 25 percentage points from 2018. – Read More on Retail Dive