1. China’s reopening sees Gen Z ready to splurge: China’s next generation has “real high consumption power,” she says. “They spend more, they borrow more, and they spend their future income, which is not something that older generations ever imagined doing.” – Read More on Fortune

2. QR-style “2D barcodes” will revolutionize retail as we know it: Scanning them may tell us the field where something was grown, the factory where a garment was sewn, the sustainability practices of the company that made it — or the washing instructions. – Read More on Axios

3. SEC charges crypto asset trading platform Bittrex and its former CEO for operating an unregistered exchange, broker, and clearing agency: Since at least 2014, Bittrex has held itself out as a platform that facilitated buying and selling of crypto assets that the SEC’s complaint alleges were offered and sold as securities. – Read More on

4. Retail sales fall more than expected in March; 4 new bankruptcies: March marked the second-straight month that US consumers spent less at retailers than predicted, though the decline followed a stronger-than-expected start to the year. – Read More on S&P Global

5. Exor eyes further healthcare investment for expansion: After completing the sale of PartnerRE, Exor has around 6.5B euros in cash available for investments, including 5B euros for acquisitions. It has already said its M&A activity would mainly focus on healthcare, luxury & tech businesses. – Read More on Reuters

6. Top-tier luxury brands & celebrities will create their own digital platforms and control their destinies directly: “We believe that while the current digital platforms will continue to operate, new private platforms that are co-owned and controlled by the top creators such as top tier luxury brands and A-list celebrities will emerge.” – Read More on GLP