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1. Retail sales rise 0.5% in March amid soaring inflation: Business at general merchandise stores was up 5.4%, while sales at clothing stores rose 2.6%. Restaurants had a 1% increase. But online sales dropped 6.4%. – Read More on AP

2. Can Fashion Designers Really Learn to Be Sustainable? Eco-conscious marketing only goes so far in an industry responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, rapid deforestation, and 60 million tons of plastic waste per year, including microplastics that get released whenever we wear or wash polyester. – Read More on The Cut

3. RETRO READ: Can the Fashion Industry Ever Really Be Sustainable? The industry is working to reduce the environmental footprint of its products. But the problem has now shifted to the consumption side: the insatiable appetite for fashion means people are buying more and more clothes. – Read More on TFL

4. Why Luxury Brands Must Control Their Own Re-Commerce Channel: Branded re-commerce is the future for luxury fashion. In fact, it’s the only way luxury brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino can control their intellectual property and retain this new luxury shopper. – Read More on Forbes

5. The Trends and Disruptors E-Commerce Needs to Address: The past several years have been marked with an increased focus on consumer privacy and data ownership. One of the core tenants of Web 3.0 is ownership and control of how personal data is used. – Read More on Total Retail