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1. Fashion industry evolves, as virus forces a rethink: “Brands have been deciding more and more when their optimal time to show is… They want to control their business more and that is their right.” – Read More on AP

2. Luxury Brands Are Betting Their Future on China, But it May Be a Risky Gamble: “China’s become a ‘honey trap’ for luxury businesses. Ever since the crisis of 2008, that was the place where most of the growth was for luxury brands, but once you are totally focused on one market, the result is you neglect other key markets that have a different approach to luxury, like the U.S. and Europe.” – Read More on Forbes

3. What the Fashion Industry Can Learn From Apple: “We make these devices; people use them; they oftentimes re-sell or pass them on for a long lifetime after the first lifetime. They’re made to last. They’re high quality.” – Read More on ELLE

4. RETRO READ: Is Apple a Luxury Brand? Well, That Depends on Your Definition of Luxury.  “If change is happening at Apple, it … seems like it’s moving from high-end electronics company to something more like a luxury fashion brand, moving away from focusing on user experience and magnificent industrial engineering as driving forces, and moving toward a company that offers trendiness, status, and individuality first, then nailing down the mechanics of the things.” – Read More on TFL

5. E-commerce pioneer Wenzel launches “Amazon on steroids.” German entrepreneur Ralf Wenzel, formerly of Delivery Hero and Softbank is launching a global rapid delivery retail platform, entering a field that is attracting huge investment and experiencing explosive growth. – Read More on Reuters

6. Video calls, personal shopper services, making sales on social media – pandemic forces luxury brands into “distance selling.” The pandemic has forced luxury goods companies to use social media, video and virtual showrooms to woo their wealthy customers in Europe and keep them shopping at a time when tourists, especially from China, have been absent for more than a year. – Read More on SCMP