Image: Bottega Veneta

1. Tommy Hilfiger’s CEO says Metaverse Fashion Week added value to the business: “We are experimenting with how these elements and environments can co-exist to provide a seamless consumer journey, for example, a fully digital experience, or selling physical products in the virtual environment and vice versa.” – Read More on Forbes

2. Does a fashion brand even need a logo? Bottega Veneta has been championing a sans-logo existence for a while now. With the brand formed on a foundation of time-honored savoir-faire and a vision of subtle elegance, this was then heightened in the 70s with the tagline, “when your initials are enough.” – Read More on i-D

3. RELATED READ: Bottega Veneta is not without source indicators, of course. Bottega Green may be the brand’s biggest new asset, given the rate at which consumers have come to connect – name-check – the brand in connection with the color. – Read More on TFL

4. Swiss watchmakers grapple with fallout of Russian crisis: Sanctions against Russia and a ban on exports of luxury goods mean brands can no longer ship timepieces to Russia and all the big labels have closed directly operated stores. – Read More on Reuters

5. H&M struggles with Russian closures, surging costs and new Covid-19 disruptions: H&M said closing its 185 stores—and halting online sales—in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, resulted in sales growth slowing to 6% in March from 18% in the first quarter ended Feb. 28. – Read More on the WSJ

6. E-commerce sales to grow $2.4trn by 2026: E-commerce is expected to grow its sales by more than $2,000bn between 2021 and 2026, by when it will take a 40% share of global chain retail sales. This is up from 31% in 2021 and 33% in 2022. – Read More on WARC