Image: Vestiaire

1. Vestiaire Sees Asia’s Luxury Shoppers Warm to Secondhand Gucci: The reseller’s orders volume doubled in a year when retailers worldwide were crippled by the pandemic — much of that thanks to Asia, where the number of new secondhand sellers jumped 98% and orders surged by 122%. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Can a fairer fashion industry emerge from crisis? “Not enough has changed in the past year. I can’t think of a single big multinational company that is doing something bold. The greenwashing has amped up 150% but the actual change that is required to make the system one that can sustain itself has not happened.” – Read More on the Guardian

3. Greenwashing Fashion: “The fact that these companies continue to overproduce while claiming to be working towards sustainability is just ridiculous.” Zara, for example, offers around 20 new clothing collections each year, and the company’s founder was briefly the richest person in the world in 2017. – Read More on the Nation

4. RELATED READ: Fashion’s Buzzy Tech Initiatives, Alone, Won’t Solve its Sustainability Issues. A small – but heavily advertised – recycled capsule collection from a fast fashion titan, here or certified circular series of items from a multi-billion dollar company, there, is mathematically immaterial. – Read More on TFL

5. Two Defunct Retailers Are Plotting Comebacks—Here’s Why One Is More Likely to Survive: Century 21 and department store Lord & Taylor are among the retailers that shut down in 2020 only to announce plans to reopen months later. They both have big plans for 2021. – Read More on AdWeek

6. Right now, retailers are writing their own rules on climate action. Does that need to change? Heightened pressure from the executive order and increasingly eco-conscious consumers have propelled retailers to set varying sustainability goals. But because corporate response to the climate crisis remains unregulated, experts warn that companies often end up making misleading claims — otherwise known as greenwashing. – Read More on Retail Dive