Image: Gap

1. Experiential retail is figuring out new footing in virtual world: Shopping behavior will most likely change, but the pandemic won’t change why experiential retail is important. “The goal is community first and foremost.” – Read More on WSJ

2. With 100,000 stores set to close by 2025, mall owners face this legal hurdle next: Co-tenancy clauses. The common mall retailer clauses typically say that “if less than 80% of space is occupied at this property at any given time, or if a major, anchor tenant like a department store or a grocery store goes dark here,” the tenant is allowed a break in rent. – Read More on CNBC

3. Italy’s Fashion, Auto Sectors Set to Exit Lockdown First: Italy’s auto and fashion industries will be the first to exit the lockdown, says the country’s deputy health minister Pierpaolo Sileri. Containment measures in Europe’s original epicenter have crippled the country, especially its wealthy northern regions where the virus hit hardest. – See More on Bloomberg

4. Gap Inc. says some stores will never reopen: “Consumers are preparing for a long economic slowdown,” with 46% of consumers believing that it could take at least a year for the economy to recover, and a great majority expressing disinterest in discretionary consumption like apparel. – Read More on Retail Dive

5. Nike is poised to weather coronavirus far better than Adidas and Under Armour: “I think every company should be running two concurrent war rooms: one should be focused on how do we make sure we survive, the other should be trying to decide how we can grab share, because there will be lingering dislocation among consumer brands.” – Read More on Yahoo