Image: Alexander Wang

1. As Alexander Wang basks in praise, has fashion shrugged off #MeToo? “Fashion’s hierarchy has gone unquestioned, with sexual exploitation being par for the course for a lot of young people. It’s still the same small cabal presiding over the industry.” – Read More on the Guardian

2. Why Garment Workers Must Be Included in the Sustainability Conversation: There’s currently a clear disconnect between brands that are now choosing to use more sustainable materials, but overlooking workers. “Clothes will not be sustainable until the makers of these clothes have a dignified job and are paid a living wage.” – Read More on British Vogue

3. Fashion industry scores poorly on its environmental report card: According to a report from Kearney, only 7% of fashion industry companies it surveyed used recycled materials to any meaningful extent. “Executives don’t really understand how circularity actually works.” – Read More on Axios

4. American Eagle is pitching a ‘frenemy network’ of vertical logistics to its retail peers — and it’s paying off: American Eagle wants to master a business function that became critical for retailers during the Covid-19 pandemic: the supply chain. – Read More on CNBC

5. Lululemon Spins Further Out of Yoga Orbit: The athletic-apparel company said in an analyst presentation this past Wednesday that it aims to double its sales from $6.3 billion in its latest fiscal year to $12.5 billion by 2026. As ambitious as that seems, it may not be too far out of reach. – Read More on the WSJ