Image: Chloe

1. How we make and buy clothes is hurting the planet: Arc’teryx, Levi’s, REI, Madewell, North Face and Tommy Hilfiger are among the hundreds of mainstream brands that are working to extend the lifecycles of their garments by using more sustainable materials, recycling and reusing fabrics, and reselling used apparel. – Read More on CBS

2. How e-commerce enables inflation: Most prices are dynamic these days. While merchants used to compete to offer the lowest price, they are now attempting to maintain or even increase their margins in the face of higher costs. – Read More on Axios

3. How B Corp sustainable fashion brands prove their environmental credentials: “For systemic change, legislative and legally binding agreements will be necessary to bring up industry standards supported by governmental incentives.” – Read More on SCMP

4. RELATED READ: Chloé Is Luxury’s First B Corp, What Does the Popular Certification Really Entail? While a company’s B Corp certification status does make the trade-offs that managers of publicly-traded companies generally have to consider “a bit more explicit,” it does not change the legal obligations of the company or its directors. – Read More on TFL

5. Factbox: Companies count the cost of ditching Russia. Multinational companies that announced their exit from Russia, or suspension of activities there, after its invasion of Ukraine have started to calculate losses associated with their decisions. – Read More on Reuters