1. A tale of two retail tiers: How luxury, discount retailers approach TikTok, physical stores, and resale: US resale volume will reach $110.92 billion this year, a 7.6% increase YoY, driven by increasing adoption among both consumers and retailers. As consumers balance the cost of necessities with the desire to splurge, secondhand luxury is a sweet spot. – Read More on Insider Intelligence

2. SPACs Delivered Easy Money, but Now Companies Are Running Out: SPAC deals were supposed to provide a big lift for young companies, giving them cash and a stock-market listing. Instead, they put them under pressure to deliver and left them vulnerable to rising interest rates and the vagaries of public markets. – Read More on the WSJ

3. RETRO READ: As Lanvin Prepares to Go Public, What Boards Considering SPACs Should Know. SPAC-centric litigation has come into fruition by way of “a substantial number of lawsuits” that have been filed by SPAC shareholders, who are “contesting the terms of – or disclosures surrounding – de-SPAC merger transactions.” – Read More on TFL

4. U.S. adds Belarus, Bulgaria to intellectual property watch list: The report now lists 29 countries on its watch list or priority watch list for deficiencies and violations of IP rights. Seven countries are currently on this year’s priority watch list: China, Chile, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Russia and Venezuela. – Read More on Yahoo

5. Sephora, H&M Sustainability Programs Bet on In-Store Traffic and Sales: While Sephora and H&M are just two of the biggest names in the retail industry, they’re also at the forefront of sustainability initiatives which are not only aligning with customer values but they’re also driving customers back in-store. – Read More on PYMNTS

6. Consumer Firms Keep Prices High: “There are some signs that they are moderating at least how often they’re taking these price increases. Last year, companies were taking half a dozen price increases and I think a lot of companies don’t want to do that again.” – Read More on the WSJ