Image: Unsplash

1. Gucci Owner’s Bond Deal Breaks Europe’s Corporate Sales Freeze: The deal boosts the meager €6.53 billion of non-financial corporate issuance so far this month and is the first new investment-grade debt deal from a non-financial company since April 12. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Global green bond issuance slows amid rising interest rates, inflation: “The growth of sustainable debt issuance is broad-based, but France, Germany and Italy have led the way in 2022,” according to Sam Morton, head of European investment-grade research at Invesco Fixed Income. – Read More on S&P Global

3. It’s not the Apple Store. It’s the Meta Store: Unlike, say, the Apple Store, there will only be one Meta Store for now, and it will be based at the company’s campus in Burlingame, California (specifically, at 322 Airport Boulevard). – Read More on CNN

4. RETRO READ: Just About Everything in an Apple Store is Protected by Law, Including its Shopping Bags. Seeking design patent protection for a bag is not completely outlandish if we consider some of Apple’s existing design patents and its legal strategy to date. – Read More on TFL

5. US economy shrinks, threats loom, but growth likely to last: Businesses had built inventories aggressively ahead of last year’s holiday shopping season, when they feared pandemic-related supply shortages, so they restocked more slowly at the start of 2022, denting GDP by 0.8 percentage points. – Read More on AP