1. How luxury transformed from opulence to populace, and what it means for brands: In light of the Great Recession, the thirst for luxury remained, but rather than turning to designer bags, to satisfy the allure of luxurious distinction, consumers sought out goods and services that came with quiet powers. Meditation retreats, superfood-packed juices, and uber-intrinsic features such as silence embodied this new wave. – Read More on American Marketer (via 2pm)

2. Livestreaming is taking off in China, but it’s not driving much sales in a market still reeling from coronavirus: One of the hottest trends in marketing is livestreaming. Yet, livestreaming-driven e-commerce sales likely only account for between 2 to 10 percent, analysts estimate. – Read More on CNBC

3. Marie Kondo cleaned house. Now she wants to fix your whole life: Thanks to her 2019 Netflix series, Kondo was vaulted into a new constellation of stardom, alongside other goddesses of wellness and domesticity such as Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, and Gwyneth Paltrow. By the end of 2019, she had established an e-commerce site, a blog, and a newsletter. – Read More on Fast Co. 

4. What Will The Post-Pandemic Future of Fashion Retail Look Like? Many retailers hope to quickly bounce back. Some are even expecting a boost because of pent-up demand from many customers being stuck in their homes for weeks while stores were closed. But that’s probably not realistic. – Read More on Forbes

5. In NYC it’s “survival of fittest for fashion brands.” There will be new startups, similar to 2008 when flash sites launched during the financial collapse, experts predict. – Read More on AP