1. Nike faces shareholder proposal on human rights: In a shareholder proposal released Thursday, London-based Tulipshare requested a report from Nike on whether its policies effectively address its stated equity goals and human rights commitments. – Read More on Reuters

2. Is vegan fashion a greenwashing con? Vegan fashion has finally made it big thanks to a new generation intent on purging meat from their diets and their wardrobes, but look behind the curtain and it becomes clear that innovation sometimes causes more problems than it solves. – Read More on the Telrgraph

3. Nordstrom, Dillard’s Garment Suppliers in Violation of Wage Laws in California: A new US Labor Dept. investigation of more than 50 garment-sewing contractors and manufacturers found labor violations in 80% of the cases. Half the time, workers were paid off the books, with records either deliberately forged or not provided. – Read More on Bloomberg   

4. China’s Reopening Means More Spending on Luxury: Luxury spending is set to return to pre-pandemic times — when Chinese consumers contributed to 60 percent of total industry growth from 2000 until 2019, according to Morgan Stanley. – Read More on Jing

5. Dupe, Private Label, Call It What You Want, Consumers Want More: With inflation still impacting consumer wallets, many are looking to dupes to save money. This trend is particularly evident in the beauty and fashion industries. – Read More on PYMNTS

6. RELATED READ: Searches for “Replicas” May Be Down, but Fashion and Luxury Brands Are Still Being Targeted. Searches for “dupes” have been on the rise in recent years as a result of the fact that younger users on TikTok, as well as other social media platforms, have adopted the term to refer to products, such as copycat luxury and fashion goods. – Read More on TFL