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1. This NFT outfit will set you back £780 … and it’s just an illusion: “People have been applying filters to their Snapchat and Instagram for years, so the appeal of being able to control your image online is very much part of mainstream culture.” – Read More on the Guardian

2. Behind Carhartt’s Booming Year—From Workwear to Golden Globes Fashion: Also boosting Carhartt’s business was the label’s growing cultural clout. In recent years, Carhartt’s fan base has grown well beyond its Tractor Supply core.  Though the company doesn’t directly link these pop cultural moments to boosts in sales, she noted that they help “create brand awareness” in new market segments. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Chinese authorities tell H&M to change the “problematic map.” Chinese authorities have asked H&M to change a map on its website in the latest clash between the clothing giant and officialdom there. – Read More on Reuters

4. From Absolut to Volkswagen, Blending Is the New Branding: Although various forces are driving these debrands — from the vagaries of fashion to the constraints of mobile-first design — the most interesting is the power of flatter identities to become portals through which companies can project an infinite range of moods, flavors and messages. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. RELATED READ: What Is Blanding, How Did We Get Here and What Does it Mean Going Forward? Logos meant to blend in? That is an interesting notion if you consider the practical purpose of branding in the first place. Trademarks – i.e., brand names, logos, and even colors in some cases – have traditionally been used and have derived their value from their ability to enable consumers to easily identify the source of a product and distinguish that product from those of other companies. – Read More on TFL

6. Lululemon more than doubles e-commerce in 2020: E-commerce more than doubled for the full year, and grew 92% in the fourth quarter. The company also achieved its “largest annual share gain in recent history,” thanks to growth in both men’s and women’s. – Read More on Retail Dive