Image: Calvin Klein

1. Five consumer trends that will endure after Covid-19: Some demographics, like older consumers, may have been previously uncomfortable with buying groceries or other goods online, but the coronavirus has forced them to get comfortable. Once they fall into the new routine, and get used to the ease of delivery at their door, such shoppers may be hard-pressed to return to brick-and-mortar, experts say. – Read More on AdAge

2. Wellness Influencers Sell False Promises as Health Fears Soar: This isn’t a new problem. Before the pandemic, influencers were touting supplements as a way to lose weight, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure, and even treat cancer, sometimes without disclosing that they’d been paid for their posts. – Read More on Wired

3. PVH may ‘pack and hold’ inventory until next spring: Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger’s parent company says it may save at least some of its spring and summer inventory, possibly for next season, in order to preserve its ability to sell at full price or close to it, CEO Emanuel Chirico said. – Read More on Retail Dive

4. Virtual Catwalks and Digital Fashion: How COVID-19 is changing the fashion industry. “This is an opportunity to redefine business models and build a more sustainable, progressive future” for the fashion industry. – Read More on Forbes

5. Retail thought it was facing the apocalypse. Then came the coronavirus: “I don’t believe that brick and mortar retailing is ever going to go away, but certainly it will contract considerably and it already has.” – Read More on LA Times

6. Is it ethical to order luxury items for delivery during a pandemic? Are we putting others at unnecessary risk when we order something non-essential? On the other hand, do we as consumers have a responsibility to keep businesses, particularly small ones, afloat right now? – Read More on the National