1. How Retail Leaders Shift from Response-Mode to Mission-Mode:  It’s not enough to just focus on running a retail business anymore. Leaders have to make educated predictions about a range of issues that go a beyond their traditional remit — from foreign affairs to environmental factors to public policy and social issues. – Read More on Forbes

2. Deflation comes for e-commerce: Online prices falling: Online prices declined by 1% in July, compared with a year earlier. It marks the first price decline in the index in 25 months — and it’s the fifth straight month in which the index has fallen. – Read More on Axios

3. House of Zana boutique owner wins trademark row with Zara: Zara had argued there was a “high degree of visual and oral similarities” between the two brands. But the UK trademark body found the link was “too insubstantial.” – Read More on the BBC

4. Richemont chairman says he won’t give in to activist shareholder: Johann Rupert won’t give in to activist shareholder Bluebell Capital Partners’ campaign to overhaul the boardroom structure at the world’s second biggest luxury group. – Read More on Reuters

5. Farfetch Limited, DoorDash, and The Beauty Health Company are on the up: Consumer luxuries have been under pressure, as U.S. consumers have been navigating 40-year-high inflation coming out of the pandemic. These stocks also doubly suffered based on recent fears the Fed would have to force the economy into a nasty recession in order to slay rising prices for good. – Read More on Motley Fool