Image: Unsplash

1. Billionaire Maezawa Bets on Japan Apparel Brands: In a set of filings, Maezawa disclosed stakes making him the third-largest shareholder in fashion retailers United Arrows Ltd. and Adastria Co. The holdings are worth a combined 7.6 billion yen ($71 million). – Read More on Bloomberg

2. What Happens to All of the Unsold Clothes? Amazon said it is rolling out a program in France that allows its third-party merchants to give their unsold stock in Amazon warehouses directly to charity. “We hope this will drastically reduce the destruction of product, with the objective of bringing this number as close to zero as possible,” Amazon said. – Read More on WSJ

3. What will fashion shows look like post Covid-19? With the coronavirus pandemic leading to events being postponed or cancelled, people in the fashion world have been finding creative new ways to use technology. One such person is world-renowned visual designer Tupac Martir, who creates immersive mixed reality experiences and use computer generated models to display the clothes. – See More on BBC

4. RETRO READ: New French Legislation Prohibits the Destruction of Unsold Goods, Including Clothing. Thanks to sweeping new legislation, French companies are slated to be subject to more than 100 new sustainability-centric provisions, such as those that require the systematic phasing out of automatic paper receipts and single use plastic in fast food restaurants, for instance; followed by the outright ban on all single-use plastics by 2040. – Read More on TFL

5. What COVID-19 did to customer loyalty: Consumers recently have become more loyal to the brands they shop, but COVID-19 and widespread products shortages mean that they are not diversifying. A McKinsey report found that more than 75% of consumers have tried new brands, places to shop or methods of shopping so far during the pandemic. Product availability was the number one reason consumers sought out new retailers or products in the past couple months, followed by better prices and promotions. – Read More on Retail Dive