Image: Old Navy

1. Old Navy overhauls plus-size fashion line for women to win sales in $32 billion market: Old Navy will soon offer sizes 0-28 and XS-4X for all of its women’s styles in its stores, and up to size 30 online. On its website, the Gap Inc.-owned brand will create a single destination for all women’s clothing. Models will appear in sizes four, 12 and 18. – Read More on CNBC

2. Supreme’s Growth Hasn’t Uprooted its History: “’Insider only’ brands are invariably confronted with a decision at some point. Either they fade away or they get bigger. Supreme has retained its essential ethos. That isn’t easy.” – Read More on Hypebeast

3. RELATED READ: As Luxury-Level M&A Continues to Unfold, What’s Goodwill Got to Do With it? To date, conversations have largely centered on the impetus for these tie-ups, the deals that may still in the making, and what this wave of consolidations means for the industry as a whole. One thing that has not been discussed with the same frequency is the topic of goodwill and brand equity, and how these are impacted by M&A activity. – Read More on TFL

4. Are knockoffs really so bad? As copying increases and increases, it helps kill the trend by making the design too ubiquitous for early adopters. They drop off and start picking up on the next trend that copying is helping to set. Copying is part of what drives the fashion cycle, and the fashion cycle is what makes money for the fashion industry. – Read More on Business of Home

5. Luxury brands find their place in the retail revolution despite the pandemic: The sale of luxury products has largely weathered the COVID-19 storm and luxury brands have played a big role in this retail revolution. Over the last 10 years, they have grown and recent estimates put the value of the sector at over 320 billion euros. – Read More on EuroNews