Image: Michael Kors

1. Michael Kors parent Capri’s stock jumps after Jimmy Choo vet named CEO: “We believe Capri is undergoing key transformations across each of its brands and Mr. Schulman is a timely addition to accelerate brand momentum and refresh at Michael Kors,” analysts said. – Read More on MarketWatch

2. Luxury’s Gray Market Is Emerging from the Shadows: “Traditionally, plenty of luxury brands either turned a blind eye to or even indulged in sales from the gray market as it meant quick cash and a chance to beautify their reported numbers from wholesale retail partners, especially on non-moving or excess stock. But in recent years that attitude has had to change as the market morphs into something that has become more and more difficult to control.” – Read More on the New York Times

3. RELATED READ: As Prices Continue to Grow and the Government Hints at a Wealth Crackdown, Parallel Imports in China Warrant Attention. “Banning parallel imports may have detrimental effects on a manufacturer’s profitability,” whereas “allowing parallel imports constitutes a simple mechanism by which the retail price does not fall dramatically when the state of demand turns out to be low,” while also “providing incentives to retailers to place larger orders than they otherwise would.” – Read More on TFL

4. Signals of change: After a year in which the fashion industry as a whole posted record-low economic profits, business leaders are now seeking to drive a perceived consumer desire to retire at-home wear and renew retail habits for looking good and feeling good in clothes that mark a sense of occasion. – Read More on the Drum

5. Virtual dressing room startup applying computer vision to the fashion industry: Unlike its competitors that use 3D modeling or take an image and manually clean it up to superimpose on a model, Revery is using deep learning and computer vision so that the clothing drapes better and users can also customize their clothing model to look more like them using skin tone, hair styles and poses. – Read More on TechCrunch