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1. Re-engineering the fashion retail experience: The pandemic has accelerated changes in how we shop — and localization and unique offerings figure to be part of the plan to save the bricks-and-mortar trip. – Read More on the FT

2. Interest in designer collabs grows as Gen-Zers view luxury goods as assets: “[Designer collabs are] desirable partially because they’re scarce limited editions. It’s not like next year there’ll be a very close version of that product coming to market, which can be the case with other releases. That creates hype,” says StockX CMO Deena Bahri. – Read More on Morning Brew

3. Resale stays hot as platform powering Lululemon valued over $200 million: Trove Recommerce, a maker of online platforms for brands such as Lululemon and Patagonia to sell used goods, raised $77.5 million from investors trying to get in on the hottest part of the apparel market. The Series D round, led by G2 Venture Partners, brings the company’s total funding to $122.5 million. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. RELATED READ: Are Buyback Programs the Future of the Luxury Market? To date, “Most brands have [failed] to capitalize on the booming resale market,” according to Luxe Digital. While there are certainly some exceptions, such as Gucci and Stella McCartney, for instance, both of which have teamed up with San Francisco-based resale giant The RealReal, luxury brands “have been hesitant to encourage resale by fear of cannibalizing sales of new products and diluting the exclusivity of their brands.” – Read More on TFL

5. Coty bets on fragrance rebound for return to sales growth, shares soar: The company said it has a “robust launch” scheduled for the first half of the current financial year, adding it would also roll out touchless fragrance testers across the globe. – Read More on Reuters