1. Companies Used to Announce Products. Now They ‘Drop’ Them: A reason drops are spreading beyond fashion is that all industries now face similar supply chain bottlenecks, and drops can be a way to manage, or even make a virtue of such challenges. – Read More on the WSJ

2. The death of brick-and-mortar is “extraordinarily exaggerated.” More than 4,000 stores have opened in the U.S. this year, more than twice as many than those that have closed, according to Coresight Research data, building on last year’s trend. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Curbside pickup is here to stay, and retailers are going all in: “As in-store shopping meaningfully returns, retailers now have to start comparing the cost of curbside fulfillment using additional labor to in-store purchases,” with moves to add fees for curbside pickup being touted “as a way to [incentivize] consumers fully back into stores.” – Read More on Washington Post

4. Williams-Sonoma will soon launch a collaboration with Roblox, says the home retailer’s CEO: “West Elm is going to be the first home furnishings retailer to provide digital furniture and be a partner with Roblox.” – Read More on CNBC

5. Europe’s High Street Retailers Feel Loss of Chinese Luxury Shoppers: Chinese shoppers purchased most of their luxury goods abroad to reap the authenticity factor, shop tax-free using European rebates, and save on the overall base price. These reasons helped make Chinese tourists the highest per-capita luxury spenders among all travelers. – Read More on PYMNTS