1. A tidal wave of returns hits the e-commerce industry: The scale of returns has been amplified by the covid-induced boom. In America online-shopping now makes up 15% of retail sales by value, up from 10% at the start of 2019. – Read More on the Economist

2. Some luxury consumers are ‘utterly immune’ to inflation: Former LVMH exec. The current environment marks a significant shift from the “very promotional environment” the luxury sector faced at the height of the pandemic. And as the sector continues to rebound, year-over-year comparisons are also looking more favorable. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Should retail worry about the ‘quiet quitting’ trend? The movement comes as the global pandemic has led employees to reimagine their professional lives after working remotely for months. Many have also pushed to tackle additional tasks and overtime in a tight labor market. – Read More on Retail Wire

4. Apparel Sellers’ Fashion Emergency Must Be Handled With Care: Holding inventory takes up storage and comes with the risk of inevitable write-downs if the chosen merchandise doesn’t resonate with customers in future seasons. – Read More on the WSJ

5. Twitter whistleblower report complicates odds of legal victory over Musk: In the bitter fight over the disputed acquisition of Twitter Inc., a whistleblower report alleging inaccurate information about fake accounts on the social media company’s core platform has Wall Street reevaluating the odds of a legal settlement. – Read More on S&P Global