1. Mushrooms Are Growing on Publishing, Fashion, Hollywood: Designer Stella McCartney’s website features what it describes as “the world’s first-ever luxury bag” made from mycelium, a leather alternative made from the threadlike roots of mushrooms. – Read More on the WSJ

2. South Korea cancels Gucci fashion show after Vogue cops flak over steamy photo shoot: Anger over a provocative Vogue fashion shoot in a former presidential office has forced authorities to revoke Gucci’s permit to prevent another incident of cultural faux pas. – Read More on SCMP

3. U.S. agency: It is ‘unlawful’ for Tesla to prevent employees from wearing union shirts. The National Labor Relations Board says it was unlawful for Tesla Inc to prohibit employees from wearing shirts bearing union insignia, ruling in a 2017 dispute between the electric car maker and the United Automobile Workers union. – Read More on Reuters

4. Creating A Brand Gen Alpha Loves: From acknowledging that Gen Alpha is the most diverse generation to date to finding ways to use social media, the metaverse and stores to create unique opportunities for retailers to engage their community. – Hear More on Retail TouchPoints

5. How Does Tiffany’s New Lock Bracelet Stack Up Against Cartier, Van Cleef? In the first major debut since the American jewelry brand was acquired by LVMH, designers hope to create a lasting icon like the bean or Tiffany T bangle. – Read More on Bloomberg