1. Amazon Is Not Abandoning Private Label Business: While it slashed some slow-moving items, all of Amazon Basics and its other private label brands’ best-sellers are still available. – Read More on Markeplace Pulse

2. India’s Reliance signs franchise deal with fashion house Balenciaga: “It’s the most opportune time to introduce the brand to the country as the Indian luxury customer has matured and using fashion as a form of creative expression of their individuality.” – Read More on Reuters

3. Adidas’s Fitness Regime Looks Like a Stretch: The German brand’s problems in China go deeper than the recent lockdowns. International sports companies were losing market share to local competitors like Anta Sports before the pandemic. – Read More on the WSJ

4. RETRO READ: A Chinese Company’s Stock is Growing Faster than Nike and adidas, Making it the “World’s Hottest Sportswear Brand.” A native Chinese company – Li-Ning Sports Goods Co., the eponymous label of former 3-time Olympic gold medal gymnast, Li Ning – is among the top-growing apparel companies in the world. – Read More on TFL

5. How ultra-fast fashion chains like Shein, Boohoo tempt Generation Z with cheap clothing, despite the environmental cost: Demand for low-priced garments has nevertheless soared because of the highest inflation rates in decades, while many Covid-hit high street shops with big overheads struggle to compete. – Read More on SCMP

6. The future of global retail will be local: Shopify’s challenge to Amazon has failed, but an Indian bid to empower small merchants is worth watching. – Read More on the FT