Image: Delvaux

1. This is the moment to ‘win the loyalty of millions of people,’ Etsy CEO says: CEO Josh Silverman said on Thursday that the online retailer has captured new customers during the pandemic and it has led to staggering growth across various segments of the market. Etsy posted a quarterly profit that was up more than 400% from a year ago. – Read More on CNBC

2. Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini: “It is really important to personalize the experience in terms of the contact we have with the consumer… and to build up your own community is the key, and talk with them every day. As of a couple of years ago, we are not a seasonal business anymore. We are monthly. Every month we change our content, our collection. It is very modern.” – See More on Bloomberg

3. ‘There are too many unknowns’: How landlords are giving retailers more lease options. Everything is now negotiable. That means some retailers are able to get an unprecedented amount of concessions from retailers, like a couple months of free rent, and a laundry list of clauses that will allow them to terminate leases early. Landlords, whose biggest priority is to ensure they have tenants, are now willing to take a cut of store sales instead of asking retailers to pay the same amount of rent each month. – Read More on Modern Retail

4. TikTok is luring fashion away from the manicured perfection of Instagram – but can its popularity last? TikTok may still baffle most people over 30, but the app famous for dance videos and viral challenges has captured the eye of the fashion industry but the app famous for dance videos and viral challenges has captured the eye of the fashion industry. – Read More on the Telegraph

5. Will Post-Pandemic Markdowns Hurt Luxury Brands Long-Term? First of all, context matters. To an industry that sells dreams — not just products — aspirational image-making and narratives are what inspire top-end shoppers in the first place. Next, an inconsistent pricing strategy in the digital age is bound to provoke consumer complaints. – Read More on Jing