1. Used Lululemon Yoga Pants? Shoppers Overcome the “Ick Factor.” For the “younger generation, this notion of sharing clothing through rental services and purchasing lightly used gear isn’t as foreign,” the company’s CEO says. – Read More on the WSJ

2. ‘Chanel bags and lettuce seeds’: Luxury bargain hunters embrace eBay. Over the past few years, the business has been investing in tools for collectors and consumers of luxury goods, including authenticity guarantees for shoes and handbags. – Read More on Sydney Morning Herald

3. “They Said a Profitable Inclusive- Sizing Brand Wasn’t Possible.” Universal Standard, the world’s most inclusive-sizing brand, marks a year of profitability, 60% growth. – Read More on Forbes

4. China’s once-booming clothing markets face a reckoning amid post-pandemic e-commerce shift as sales dry up: Online channels, once seen as a remedy to declining offline sales, have also been waning amid weakening consumer demand as the world’s second largest economy slows. – Read More on SCMP

5. Qixi Festival proves a luxury luau as leading labels appeal to romantics: International luxury brands have debuted limited editions of products specially tailored for China ahead of Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, on Thursday, to attract more Chinese consumers and make further investments in the country in line with localization strategies. – Read More on China Daily