Image: Hurr

1. eBay Makes a Run at StockX with New Emphasis on Sneakers: eBay is trying to cater to “high-value” buyers, or those making at least six purchases per year at over $800; these shoppers represent 20% of eBay’s customer base but deliver 75% of the company’s gross merchandise value (GMV). – Read More on PYMNTS

2. Analysts Offer Clues for Where to Invest in Xi’s New China: Rather than luxury products and flashy brands, staples and durable goods are expected to find favor. Those with high potential in rural markets may do especially well as policy makers look to address China’s rural-urban divide. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. That Big Office Building? It’s an E-Commerce Warehouse Now. Less than 40% of the workforce was back in the office as of early December. “There’s just not a lot of need for big-floor-plate, white-elephant suburban office buildings.” – Read More on the WSJ

4. Saks CEO Marc Metrick says e-commerce split makes sense for luxury retailer: “Instead of spending capital investing in your physical plants, you’re spending on marketing, investing in the future of your customers. And it’s a much better way to grow the business long term.” – Read More on CNBC

5. Zara Launches New Label Zara Atelier: The aptly named Zara Atelier collection will drop two, limited-edition collections a year which offer an ‘elevated, artistic interpretation of an iconic wardrobe staple’ in what is essentially the high street brand’s homage to couture. – Read More on Elle

6. RETRO READ: Zara’s foray away from purely fast fashion is an interesting move, and one that it has been quietly working towards for years. Here is a look at how the copycat became a bona fide fashion destination. – Read More on TFL

7. Rent the Runway-style UK fashion rental marketplace HURR raises $5.4M round led by Octopus: “As a millennial, I’m part of a generation that loves shared ownership. We’ve all witnessed the rise of disruptive tech-first businesses such as Airbnb and Uber and, if we can rent our houses and cars, why not our wardrobes.” – Read More on TechCrunch