Image: J. Crew

1. Givenchy accused of stealing leather hat design from New York designer: HardWear Style’s K Tyson Perez alleges that a black bucket hat design recently showed by Givenchy is similar to one of his from 2013. “This type of appropriation and creative colonization done by a major European brand to small black designers/brands is nothing new, but this shit needs to end.” – Read More on the Guardian

2. Back From the Brink: Buyers Snatch Up Moribund Brands for a Second Life Online. After paying to acquire the intellectual-property rights of the brands, these investors are using a combination of social-media savvy, targeted-brand promotion and direct-to-consumer marketing to reach shoppers. – Read More on the WSJ

3. RELATED READ: Forget Real Estate and Inventory, IP and Data Continue to Be The Draw for Bankruptcy Bidders. The placement of value on intangible assets like intellectual property is proving to be increasingly significant in recent years in light of a larger-scale retail shift: companies are moving away from all-but-unchecked brick-and-mortar expansion and instead, placing greater focus on their e-commerce capabilities. – Read More on TFL

4. Walmart is bringing livestream shopping to TikTok on Friday: The retailer announced it will host a one-hour livestream Friday on TikTok, where users can can shop for Walmart fashion items featured by TikTok creators without having to leave the app. Once the event is over, users will still be able to shop the items featured by visiting Walmart’s TikTok page to shop. – Read More on CNBC

5. Fashion in 2021: What Needs to Stay, Change, and Stop? “That mentality that you need to become a mass-fashion brand or sell a million units to be deemed successful needs to change. It’s a farce. You can have an audience that’s the size you feel comfortable with, make your living, have your art, be seen by people, without contributing unnecessarily to waste.” – Read More on Highsnobiety

6. Fashion Shows Are Dead, Long Live Fashion Shows! “When you’re talking about fashion that is a bit more millennial and Gen-Z, you have to keep them stimulated all the time.” In the end, the solution seems to be a perennial fashion calendar hubbed around key Fashion Weeks, but offering content all year round. That certainly puts a lot of responsibility on brands to keep things interesting for followers and fans. – Read More on Vogue

7. Patagonia’s New CEO Plots a Post-Trump Future for the Activist Brand: Patagonia remains a resistance brand. By taking actions most companies wouldn’t even consider, it’s proved to shoppers that its environmentally friendly branding isn’t just bluster. That makes people who align with those views happy to don the Patagonia logo. – Read More on Bloomberg