1. Amazon Agrees to Settle EU Antitrust Cases, Avoiding Fines: The online retailer won’t pay a fine as part of the settlement, something it first proposed in July, but it will be forced for up to seven years to adhere to commitments to change certain business practices that EU regulators had alleged were harmful to third-party sellers on its platform.  – Read More on the WSJ

2. Nike stock surges as its biggest problem may be vanishing: The real standout from Nike’s fiscal second quarter was the company noticeably working down its excess inventory — caused earlier this year by the economic pullback — compared to three months ago. It’s an issue that has plagued profit margins (due to Nike aggressively liquidating merchandise) and the stock price. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Retail traffic data highlights 2022 holiday winners and losers: Among the losers so far are fast-fashion retailer H&M, which waited too long to raise prices, and department stores including Kohl’s and Best Buy, which saw dramatic declines in foot traffic of at least 15%. – Read More on Reuters

4. Will Outbound Travel From China Rebound In 2023? 17 percent of respondents stated they would travel overseas as soon as travel restrictions allow it, with a total of 38 percent planning to travel within six months. – Read More on Jing Daily

5. German eCommerce Sales Buck Christmas Trend, Shrink 16.8%: The worst affected consumer categories were clothing, where online sales were down 28.1%, and entertainment, which saw a 19.5% decline in turnover. – Read More on PYMNTS