Image: Tiffany & Co.

1. The Three Pillars of Retail’s 2021 Digital Transformation: Digital upgrades can be seen in the way some retailers are leveraging tech to ensure consumers can easily order out-of-stock items, as a proactive way of not losing out on a sale. – Read More on PYMNTS

2. Tiffany’s New French Owner Brings a Makeover—and a Culture Clash: Bridging the cultural divide is not the only challenge facing Tiffany’s new owner. The other is strategic. LVMH is trying to reboot what it sees as a sleepy brand that hasn’t kept pace with Cartier, Chopard and other luxury jewelers. – Read More on the WSJ

3. European Luxury Goods Stocks Were Back in Fashion in 2021: Top- and bottom-line recoveries in 2021 saw earnings rebound strongly, helping European consumer discretionary stocks rise 31.4% from December 2020 through Dec. 7, outperforming the broader S&P Europe 350 index, which climbed 16.3%, according to independent research firm CFRA. – Read More on Barron’s

4. Buy now, pay later is a huge hit with shoppers. Just how dangerous is it? The industry is booming, with touts popping up on shopping sites across the internet. Sweden’s Klarna doubled its US customer base to 20 million between June 2020 and August this year and UK user numbers have swelled 36% since October 2020. It now has more than 90 million active users across 20 countries. – Read More on CNN

5. How the Fashion Industry Can Help Reverse Our Water Crisis: Fashion houses and textile producers are now reckoning with the environmental impact of their industries. No formal regulations exist, which means the industry has to take its own initiative to develop new approaches and innovations in water conservation. – Read More on the Daily Beast