1. U.S. Supreme Court has busy year ahead for intellectual property law: The copyright world is eagerly awaiting the high court’s ruling in a dispute between Andy Warhol’s estate and celebrity photographer Lynn Goldsmith over their depictions of the rock star Prince. – Read More on Reuters

2. Could Your Next Outfit Be Made of CO2? It’s this sort of trash to treasure process that eliminates emissions and then it turns into a useful product. People find that idea easy to understand, and they’re super excited about it. The challenge is how to do this profitably and in a cost competitive way, and that’s the piece that no one’s really figured out yet. – Read More on the WSJ

3. These climate wins brought some unexpected hope in 2022: U.S. President Joe Biden and China President Xi Jinping agreed to restart bilateral climate talks that had been suspended earlier in the year over trade disputes. And wealthy nations agreed to secure funding to compensate developing countries for loss and damage from climate change. – Read More on S&P Global

4. South Korea Nov retail sales fall for third straight month: South Korea’s retail sales fell for a third straight month in November, government data showed on Thursday, and were set to end the last quarter of 2022 with losses, reversing gains in the third quarter. – Read More on Yahoo

5. E-commerce will go viral on social media in 2023: There’s early evidence that selling goods over live social networking works beyond the People’s Republic. Viewers enjoy interacting with celebrities and so-called influencers, but the ultimate goal is clicks to buy. – Read More on Reuters