Image: Tiffany & Co.

1. Behind the LVMH-Tiffany Deal: Insults, Lawsuits and Political Intrigue. Tiffany retains much of the sparkle that drew Mr. Arnault in the first place, in particular a brand name that is one of the most recognizable in the luxury business. Mr. Arnault had been eyeing Tiffany for years before making an offer to buy the company in October 2019 for $120 a share. – Read More on the WSJ

2. RELATED READ: Tiffany & Co. v. LVMH – The Timeline Behind Luxury’s Biggest Deal to Date. In light of the lawsuit that Tiffany & Co. filed against LVMH in a Delaware court, accusing the French titan of reneging on their deal, and LVMH’s subsequent vow to “vigorously” defend itself against Tiffany’s “defamatory” allegations, here is a chronological look at how such a seemingly spectacular deal ended up at the center of an ugly-and-escalating legal battle.  – Read More on TFL

3. What Did 2020 Do to Retail? The market has been rocked by the emergence of disruptive business models. You have, on one hand, the “monster ecosystems,” like Amazon and Alibaba, but there are also smaller disruptors in every category. In apparel, for instance, you now have more ability to rent clothing, and there’s been growth in second-hand apparel. – Read More on HBR

4. Fashion industry fears London will lose allure after Brexit transition: New visa requirements to enable British and EU models to work in each other’s countries after the ending of EU free movement on January 1 will reduce the attractiveness of London for models, stylists and photographers working in the industry, according to several leading modelling agencies. – Read More on the FT 

5. Could the Covid pandemic make fashion more sustainable? From advances in carbon-sequestering sequins to a boom in second-hand shopping, there have been chinks of light in 2020, despite the grim big picture. For example, Ebay sold 1,211% more preloved items in June than at the same time in 2018, with a dramatic 195,691% rise in purchases for secondhand designer fashion during the same period. – Read More on the Guardian

6. How TikTok Changed Fashion This Year: Sustainable brands are thriving on TikTok, where the hashtags #upcycling and #vintage have a combined 8 billion views, and a scroll through these hashtagged shows that Gen Z is completely obsessed with thrifting or repurposing clothing. – Read More on Vogue