1. Fashion in the Metaverse: What Avatars Are Wearing. “Interoperability will be great as soon as we have it, but we’re not there yet; as of now we need to prepare outfits for different environments.” – Read More on the WSJ

2. Russian e-commerce giant Ozon woos Chinese cross-border sellers to fill gap left by exodus of Western brands: The Western exodus has opened the door to Chinese vendors. Smartphone makers have been quick to fill the gap left by Apple and Samsung and Chinese brands made up two thirds of Russia’s new handset sales between April and June with market share increasing each month. – Read More on SCMP

3. To Some Fragrance Brands, Sustainability Is the Top Note: Artisanal companies are putting environmentally sensitive production, practices and packaging at the center of their business models. “When you’re a huge company, retrofitting sustainability into it is often hard.” – Read More on the New York Times

4. TikTok users protest Balenciaga’s holiday campaign by destroying bags and shoes: On TikTok, creators who were formerly loyal to Balenciaga posted videos admonishing it. Some took it further and recorded themselves destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of Balenciaga products. – Read More on NBC

5. Ulta has been a very modern retailer with a very modern retail strategy. “In apparel, we have a drop model. And that was basically new collaborations coming in to create hype and momentum with the consumer. So beauty started doing a lot of that. And Ulta started catching on quite some time ago.” – Read More on Yahoo

6. Shein Confusion: The Fast-Fashion Giant’s New Resale Site Doesn’t Make Buying Easy. Launched this fall as part of a push to counter criticism about Shein’s environmental record, the resale marketplace had plenty of wind at its back. – Read More on the Information