1. How Qatar props up the world of global luxury: From Harrods to Claridge’s and the fashion house Valentino, the Gulf state owns some of Europe’s most iconic brands. – Read More on the Telegraph

2. Shein will spend $15 million on ‘improving standards’ at factories after a report found labor violations: Shein says it will upgrade hundreds of its suppliers’ factories and increase audits and training. The e-commerce platform was valued at $100 billion earlier this year. – Read More on the Verge

3. ‘Tis The Season for Retail Tech to Shine: Self-service is only one part of the long-term shift towards the full digitalization of the retail store. By rethinking the entire shopping journey from browse to purchase, retailers are looking to integrate their online and offline channels at scale, something that’s historically been difficult to achieve in practice. – Read More on Forbes

4. Guns N’ Roses Sues Online Gun Shop for Trademark Infringement: Guns N’ Roses filed a lawsuit on Friday against an online artillery shop for infringement of the Guns N’ Roses trademark and claims the shop’s name, Texas Guns and Roses, associates the band with the store. – Read More on Gizmodo

5. What does the promotional climate mean for off-pricers and resale? “What we’re seeing is a combination of demand pullback at a time when retail inventories are overflowing with apparel, and this is resulting in significant price compression in the apparel market.” – Read More on RetailWire