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1. Can’t Find a Rolex or Patek Philippe? Blame the Reddit Crowd: A combination of lockdown savings, roaring markets (until recently at least), revenge spending and a broader interest in alternative assets has sent demand for the hottest watches far outstripping supply. Waiting lists have gotten longer and prices on the second-hand market are skyrocketing. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Macy’s reliance on stores for e-commerce weighs on mulled split: Macy’s views a separation similar to Saks’ as more challenging because of its large store footprint and its online customers’ reliance on it. Saks has bout 40 stores, and the privately held company’s e-commerce business generates annual revenue of less than $1 billion. – Read More on Reuters

3. Crypto investors see looming NFT bubble but tout staying power of the underlying tech: “Most people believe there’s some version of a bubble happening. But most of us who are in the space believe that whether it goes up or down it is a new thing that’s here to stay in some version of itself.” – Read More on CNBC

4. Amazon, e-commerce retailers gear up to combat more inflation in 2022: While the largest retailers were able to provide a hedge against higher prices in Q4 in part by stockpiling high-demand items ahead of holiday sales, market economists say labor and supply-chain constraints are unlikely to abate soon, indicating rising costs will continue into next year. – Read More on S&P Global

5. Holiday sales on track to blow past record for spending, topping retail trade group’s biggest forecast: While online sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday were down, spending in November and December as a whole could grow as much as 11.5% compared with the same period a year ago. – Read More on CNBC