Image: Gucci

1. It’s fashionable to turn cast-off Birkins into money bags: Enter the flourishing world of second-hand handbags, which turns status symbols into badges of sustainability. Prada is the latest to see a moneymaking opportunity in this market. – Read More on AFR

2. From Gucci to De Rucci, Innovation Always Grew From Imitation: A slow, iterative approach to improvement is seen in multiple areas where China is overtaking richer countries. With such a universal place at the heart of global supply chains, it’s no surprise that the world’s largest exporter of manufactured goods should be going from imitation to innovation at a breakneck pace. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. Breaking Up Kohl’s Is About Valuation, Not Excellent Omnichannel Retail Execution: With the second-largest U.S. department store chain now officially in play thanks to the familiar-sounding demands of activist investor Engine Capital to spin off Kohl’s digital assets from its core physical stores, the ongoing shift to omnichannel retailing is once again being put on trial. – Read More on PYMNTs

4. As Saks Spins Off E-Commerce from its Stores, Will Others Follow? Depending on how Saks’ potentially impending IPO plays out, other companies – including those outside of the traditional department store space that, nonetheless, maintain robust physical networks and budding e-commerce divisions – very well may be prompted to spin off e-comm, too, creating a rather complex new picture of what retail looks like in a digitally-connected, post-pandemic market. – Read More on TFL

5. Instagram CEO to testify in Senate; House hearing to focus on internet safety: As lawmakers seek to understand the impact of social media platforms on young users, they are demanding answers straight from the top. The hearing comes after leaked documents from a Facebook whistleblower revealed the co. was aware that Instagram negatively impacted the well-being of some of its users, notably teenage girls. – Read More on S&P Global